QuikHire provides you with an integrated labour solution focused on warehousing, building and construction industries.

Building and Construction

Our expertise in planning and execution for resourcing in building and construction plays a significant role in finding the right people at the right time and ensuring effective productivity. Our constant supervision and performance assessment also make way for continuous improvement and increased efficiencies.

Warehouse and Logistics

Finding the correctly skilled workers for various tasks within the warehousing and logistics industry is a challenge. Our job is to tackle it for you, we do this by continuously building a database that helps us find the best people for the job within short notice.

General Labourer

Ticketed Labourer

Trade Assistant

Riggers & Scaffolders

Machine / Plant Operators

Welders / Boilermakers


Bricklayers / Concreters

Warehouse Labourers

Forklift Drivers


In order to achieve a successful implementation of health and safety, it is highly important to make every individual aware of the practices and help them conform to it. We have customised an induction program by understanding the general needs and health and safety policies and practices specific to your company. This comprehensive induction training program is conducted, and every individual is familiarised to the policies and practices. Various situations are simulated during the training and the conformity of every individual to the guidelines is achieved. In addition to this, compliance to the guidelines is constantly monitored.


We provide 24×7 emergency support for our customers. We understand that vehicles are indispensable during emergency situations and when you need them at a short notice. We have a fleet of vehicles to provide full support service and specialised emergency support team. So, when such situations arise, there are always more than adequate number of vehicles and people available at your disposal. With such effective backup, you can be rest assured that all your requirements and unforeseen emergencies will be handled with utmost care and attention quickly.